Can I Challenge a Beneficiary Designation?

You can challenge a beneficiary designation if some factors apply. For example, perhaps the deceased person was incompetent or under undue influence when they signed their legal documents.

When a family member passes away, they will often pass on their assets to their loved ones. They can do this through beneficiary designations. However, if there was some foul play or the designations were not legally implemented, then they could be invalid.

Find out exactly what a beneficiary designation and what steps you can take to challenge it if you need to.

What Is a Beneficiary Designation?

A beneficiary designation is a person who is named on a life insurance policy, retirement account, or financial account. This allows the person who passes away to ensure that the individual named will receive the assets. For example, a parent can name a child in their life insurance policy, and upon death, the child will receive the policy payout.

Challenging a Beneficiary Designation

It is absolutely possible to challenge a beneficiary designation. Perhaps the signature is fraudulent, and the person who passed away never actually signed a legal document. Additionally, maybe the deceased person was incompetent when they signed the document. They may have been in and out of consciousness at the hospital or had Alzheimer’s, for instance. The document might not have been properly executed, or the deceased person was under undue influence when signing. Maybe they were scared into signing it or given false information. With the right representation on your side, you can challenge the beneficiary designation and get what you deserve.

Contacting Richard P. Arthur for Help

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