Child Custody Disputes in Dayton and Trotwood, OH

Protecting Dayton and Trotwood's Children and Their Families

Working Through Child Custody Disputes

Child custody matters can arise from a divorce, separation, or significant incident involving one parent. With more than 25 years of experience in domestic relations matters, attorneys Richard P. Arthur and Christopher S. Owen understand that the child’s best interests come first. They know how to work within the difficult constraints of this serious dispute between both parents.

Ohio Child Custody Specifics

The state of Ohio has a specific statute outlining how the courts should consider the child’s best interests when determining a custody agreement. These standards include the mental and physical well-being of both parents, the child’s relationship with additional members of each family, and even his or her own wishes if they are deemed to be old enough.

Cases Involving Unmarried Parents

Ohio law gives sole legal and residential custody of the child to the mother until an appropriate court deems otherwise. Even a father who establishes paternity does not have automatic visitation rights. When the mother is unmarried, the father and other relatives of the child can file a petition for parenting time and, potentially, custody.

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