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Managing the Tough Negotiations Within a Divorce

Divorce is stressful and difficult. When two partners are battling for the rights to children, property, and other things, neither party should be without a lawyer. Preferably, you want a trusted and aggressive negotiator on your side. Attorneys Richard P. Arthur and Christopher S. Owen have been through hundreds of divorce cases and know what to look out for (and what to avoid) so that even the toughest negotiations can result in an optimal outcome for you.

Ohio Recognition of Property

The state of Ohio recognizes both marital and separate property. This means there can be a clear delineation of which property was acquired before the marriage and acquired jointly. This could make a big difference when it comes to the division of assets in a divorce. Marital property is typically divided equally unless the court makes a “distributive award” order, which would send extra property or assets to the other party to achieve a “fair result.”

Separation and Dissolution of Marriage

If divorce is not the best option, Ohio also recognizes legal separation and dissolution of marriages. The former allows the court to issue orders concerning a range of rights for both parties while they remain married but live separately. The latter is a legal termination of a marriage and requires a separate agreement outlining parenting and asset rights.

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