Child Support Disputes in Dayton and Trotwood, OH

Putting the Child First in Support Disputes in Dayton and Trotwood, OH

How Child Support is Established in Ohio

Parents who are either divorcing, unmarried or separated, can request a child support order from the local juvenile or domestic relations court or their local child support agency. If the parents are not formally married before the child is born, then a child support obligation must be brought about by establishing paternity. Sometimes establishing paternity may take a legal court order—this is where a qualified and experienced attorney like Richard P. Arthur can step in and lend a helping hand.

Additional Child Support Considerations

Once paternity has been established, the next step is to determine a child support amount and plan. The court will mandate an order to provide enough financial support to cover the wellbeing of the child or children. The amount will depend on incomes, custodianship, and if a shared parenting agreement has been arranged.

It Is All About the Child’s Best Interests

Child support is named as such because it puts the needs of the child first. Whether that child is a newborn or a teenager, he or she will always have day-to-day necessities that must be considered within any child support arrangement. The courts in Ohio have processes to help determine this, and attorney Richard P. Arthur’s 29+ years of experience gives him some of the best expertise around.

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