Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney for Child-Related Disputes

Child-related disputes are the most important in most divorces and require compassionate and specific representation. Hiring a professional and trusted Ohio divorce attorney is a good way to ensure that your (and their) best interests are being considered throughout the process.

Divorce can get particularly stressful and overwhelming in a hurry. When children are involved, this can make things even worse. If you think you’re heading towards a divorce or have already established that it’s going to happen, it’s vital to hire a qualified divorce attorney to help guide you through and represent you in all matters, especially ones concerning your children.

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help With Child Custody Disputes

Sometimes, a judge will ask for an evaluation to determine the best home for your child and your attorney can help you prepare for that and present the best living situation for your child. If the judge has asked for a psychological evaluation, an attorney can help advise you on preparation for that as well.

How a Divorce Attorney Can Help With Child Support Disputes

Much of this will pertain to developing a formula for how much support you’ll ask for or wish to pay. Your attorney can help gather written documentation through “discovery,” which could tilt the final support number in your favor. It’s an investment in the short-term that could result in less spending in the long-term.

Other Assistance

Visitation allowances is another issue that comes up often through a divorce. An attorney understands the language the court needs to hear in order to work towards a favorable visitation agreement. Oftentimes, emotions get the best of someone attempting to represent themselves and it ends up working against them in the end.

Of course, there are all sorts of other situations where a divorce attorney can help. The negotiation process with your spouse can be especially tricky and requires the knowledge of a professional.


If you’re beginning to work through a divorce with children involved, it’s vital to have a knowledgeable attorney who can represent your (and their) best interests. Call Richard P. Arthur, Attorney at Law today at 937-254-3738 to learn how he’s represented Dayton and Trotwood clients through the divorce process.