Why Working With a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Ohio Is a Wise Decision

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you gain a more positive outcome with your bankruptcy case.

You’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, but you aren’t sure whether to do it on your own or hire a bankruptcy lawyer in Ohio. By learning more information, you can decide if hiring one is the right decision for you.

What a Bankruptcy Lawyer Does

Above all else, a bankruptcy lawyer will advise you on the bankruptcy process, which can be quite confusing and complicated, especially if you’ve never filed for it before. They will help you decide which type of bankruptcy is best for you to file — Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 — as well as if your case has any potential risks and what you can expect. They can also help you better protect your assets so that your experience filing is as positive as possible and you can get back on your feet financially sooner rather than later.

How Effective Are Bankruptcy Lawyers?

According to statistics from the American Bankruptcy Institute, lawyers represented consumers in over 91% of the 486,347 Chapter 7 cases that were filed in 2017. Among those, lawyers had their clients’ debt discharged in 96.2% of the cases, and people who represented themselves got their debt discharged 66.7% of the time. When it came to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, consumers got their debt discharged 41.5% of the time with a lawyer and 2.3% of the time when they represented themselves. As you can see, they fared much better with the help of representation.

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