What to Include in Your Prenuptial Agreement in Ohio

Your prenup should include financial information that is relevant to your marriage.

Before you walk down the aisle, you want to ensure that you will be protected should anything go wrong. That’s where a prenuptial agreement, or a prenup, can come in handy. Here’s some information on what to include in your prenup as well as some tips on how to write it in Ohio.

What to Add to Your Prenup

In general, your prenup should include information on finances within the marriage as well as what will happen should you get a divorce. It should list all premarital debts and assets, the financial responsibilities of each person in the marriage (i.e. who will pay the bills), family property that you or your spouse owns, and how assets and debts are going to be divided should you get divorced.

What You Shouldn’t Add to Your Prenup

Your prenup cannot contain any language that seemingly encourages divorce as if there is an incentive for one party to divorce the other so they acquire assets. You also should not include non-financial responsibilities such as who will take out the trash or do the dishes. Information about child custody cannot go in there, either.

What to Keep in Mind About a Prenup

One party should never coerce the other to sign a prenup, or else it could be invalid. Also, it could become invalid if one party lied about their debts and assets and hid relevant information. Both parties must be willing to sign this document and be open and honest about their financial situation.

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