What Is a Living Will?

A living will is a document that shows your loved ones and medical professionals what kind of care you want for end-of-life treatment.

When you’re getting older, you need to think about what you want your life to look like if you get sick or become injured and can no longer take care of yourself. With the proper legal documents in place, you can make sure that your loved ones uphold your wishes when it comes to your medical care. By creating a document called a living will, you are being proactive about your future.

The Definition of a Living Will

A living will is also called a healthcare directive. In it, you can describe the type of care you want should you become sick or injured and unable to tell the doctors what kind of treatment you want. It could apply, for instance, if you have a terminal illness, or you experience a brain injury or Alzheimer’s disease. It covers end-of-life treatment such as resuscitation, assisted breathing, tube feeding, and other procedures that could prolong your life.

Why You Need a Living Will

You should be able to choose what happens to you in case there is a medical emergency and you can’t make the decision yourself. Perhaps you are a religious person and you believe that no matter what, your family should try to keep you alive. Or perhaps you believe that if you need a feeding tube to survive, it’s better that your family lets you pass away instead. Whatever your beliefs are, you can put them into your living will so that your family knows what you want. Your living will can go into effect as soon as you sign it, or only when you cannot communicate your wishes for your medical care. You will decide.

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