What if I Am Unhappy With the Outcome of My Divorce?

There are steps you can take if you are unhappy with how your divorce settled.

Usually, when a divorce settles, both spouses are not 100% satisfied with the outcome. Perhaps they didn’t think they got what they deserved in terms of money or they’re upset about the child custody agreement.

If you’re unhappy with how your divorce turned out, you could take the following steps to try and change it.

Consult With a Divorce Lawyer

Perhaps you got divorced without the help of a lawyer, or you discovered that your lawyer didn’t live up to your expectations. You can always consult with another divorce lawyer or go back and ask your representation if there’s anything you can do. They’re going to offer you the right information about appealing the court’s decision regarding your divorce.

Reopen Your Divorce Case

Your divorce lawyer will help you determine if you’re eligible to reopen your divorce case. If there was deceit or fraud, for instance, you may be able to reopen the case. Perhaps your ex-spouse hid information or assets from you, so you weren’t given your fair share. Or, maybe you were forced into signing an agreement while under duress because your ex was threatening you. The divorce agreement might also not be equitable.

Appeal Child Custody

You may be able to appeal the child custody decision to a higher court or request that child support be changed if you don’t agree with it or have trouble affording it. Again, you’ll need your lawyer’s help.

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