Using a Private Judge for Divorce

Using private judges in a divorce can be less stressful, more convenient, and private. Private judges are hired directly by the clients, and the process is more informal and faster than a public divorce.

Are you concerned about your privacy or your family’s privacy in an upcoming divorce hearing? If you’re worried about having your personal life and divorce terms in a public courtroom, Ohio law allows divorcing couples to hire a private judge to hear their divorce case. If both parties agree on most or all joint issues, then you should consider hiring a private judge who will hold divorce proceedings in an office or conference room setting.

Benefits to working with a private judge include:

  • Convenience – Private judges are able to accommodate your schedules. With a public court, hearings are scheduled by the court and are difficult, if not impossible, to reschedule.
  • Privacy – Private judges conduct business in an office setting, without spectators or the next hearing participants waiting for their turn to go before the courtroom judge.
  • Less stress – Dissolutions with private judges are faster and more informal. You won’t need to go to a public courthouse or courtroom.
  • Cost – both parties to a divorce proceeding share the cost equally for a private judge. Remember that there are costs associated with a public divorce proceeding, and a private judge may be the same or less than a public hearing.

Finding a Private Judge

Working with a private judge sounds like a good solution in my case, but how do I find a judge for my case? Working with a qualified attorney who has client experience with private judges should be your first step.


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