The Basics of Annulment in Ohio

A void or voidable marriage could be annulled in Ohio if certain circumstances apply.

When you are looking to end your marriage, there are two options: annulment or divorce. While divorce will dissolve a legal and valid marriage, an annulment will cancel a marriage, showing that it was never valid and did not exist.

Grounds for Annulment in Ohio

Through an annulment, a marriage can either be “void” or “voidable” in Ohio. Void marriages are illegal marriages in Ohio. They include marriages involving bigamy, polygamy, or incest.

In terms of voidable marriages, they aren’t void but could be if specific circumstances apply. If the marriage was not consummated, one of the spouses was mentally incapacitated or incompetent and did not consent to the marriage, one or both of them were underage, or there was force or fraud to achieve consent, then the marriage could be void.

Getting an Annulment

If you were involved in a void marriage, then you do not need a court order to annul your marriage. It’s already invalid.

However, if you were involved in a voidable marriage, then you will need to request a trial and hearing and show the judge why your marriage should be annulled. You will need to prove in a court of law why your marriage should be void through evidence as well as fill out paperwork.

If a child was not capable of giving consent because they were underage when they got married or they were mentally incapacitated, then a parent may be able to go to court to request that the marriage be annulled.

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