How an Experienced Ohio Attorney Can Help During the Divorce Process

It’s important to hire an experienced Ohio attorney to help you navigate your divorce and be in your corner during this tough time. Learn more about the divorce process.

When you got married, you never imagined that one day, you’d be filing for divorce. However, that’s the reality now, and you need to figure out how you’re going to move forward.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. With the help of an experienced Ohio attorney, the divorce process doesn’t have to be as difficult. You can get assistance – as well as support – at the same time. Here’s how.

They’ll Help You File Forms

You may not know which forms to file for divorce or what is required of you to go through the divorce process. In order to ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible, your attorney will explain the steps to you and file the forms to the court at the right time.

They Will Assist with the Division of Assets

Ohio is not a community property state. Instead, it’s an equitable distribution state, where all assets acquired during the marriage are distributed “equitably.” This doesn’t mean they are split down the middle. Instead, the court will look at a variety of factors when determining how assets and liabilities (debts) are split. For instance, if you stayed home and raised your children while your spouse went to work, you may receive more assets since you weren’t working for so many years. Another option is that you might be able to go for spousal support; your lawyer will let you know if you are eligible.

They’ll Handle Child Custody and Child Support

You can let your attorney know what kind of child custody and child support arrangement you are seeking. For instance, perhaps you want to have primary custody of your children, but you also want them to spend time with your spouse – who will be responsible for making child support payments. Your attorney can advise you on the best practices for working out child custody and child support, including being civil with your spouse and considering the best interests of your children above all else.

They Can Help With Mediation

You don’t want a messy divorce. Perhaps you and your spouse simply fell out of love and just want to be friends. To keep it amicable, you’d rather go through mediation to work out everything and then go to court only for approval of your plans. Your attorney could certainly help you with working out a deal with your spouse so that there aren’t any hurt feelings or damage done to your family.

They’ll Give You Advice on Life After Divorce

Since you’ve never gotten divorced, you don’t know what your life is going to look like when you’re single again. Your attorney can give you advice on how to make your post-divorce life less difficult. They may advise you not to go after your marital home, for example, if the mortgage payment is high and you can’t afford it. They may also advise you on paying off high-interest debt or selling some assets so that you are prepared to pay your bills on your own from now on.

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