Do I Really Need to Hire an Attorney for a Divorce in Ohio?

Learn whether or not you need an attorney for your Ohio divorce.

You’re considering filing for divorce, but you want to save as much time, energy, and money as possible when doing it. That’s why you’re looking into whether or not you need an attorney for your Ohio divorce. By doing your research, you can avoid making costly mistakes during this tumultuous time in your life.

Filing for Divorce in Ohio

When you file for divorce in Ohio, you can pursue a fault-based or no-fault divorce. Fault-based grounds for divorce include adultery, extreme cruelty, bigamy, gross neglect of duty, imprisonment, and habitual drunkenness. You’ll need to prepare your forms and serve your spouse with them. If you and your spouse agree on key issues prior to filing for the divorce, then the process is going to be a lot easier.

Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer is always a good idea. Your lawyer will represent you and make sure you get what you need from the divorce. They will help you protect your finances and ensure that you’re set up for your future post-divorce.

Having an attorney is especially important if you’re going through a fault-based divorce or you and your spouse are having trouble reaching an agreement on different issues, like child support, child custody, and alimony. Also, hiring an attorney will save you the time and energy trying to figure out which paperwork to file. You can avoid making errors and wasting your time.

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