Can A Child Custody Appeal Be Denied in Ohio?

If you need help appealing a child custody decision, then you’ll have to get in touch with a child custody lawyer who can compile a legal brief and advocate for you in court.

When judges make decisions regarding child custody in Ohio, they are typically ruling on what’s in the best interest of the child.

For example, if one parent lives close to a child’s school and the other parent is moving out of state, a judge may rule that the parent that is staying local would get custody. This is because divorce is already traumatic for a child, and going through a major move at a time when they are vulnerable could be damaging.

However, the judges do not always get it right or see the full picture or really understand what’s best for the child. In that case, a parent has the right to appeal a child custody ruling.

Can the Child Custody Appeal Be Denied?

The appeal itself cannot be denied. However, once the judge reviews the appeal as well as the court transcripts from the first child custody hearing, then they could end up denying the appeal. Even if you’re denied, you will at least have your voice heard and know you fought hard for your case.

The Appeals Process in Ohio

When you’re ready to appeal a child custody decision in Ohio, then you need to get in touch with a child custody lawyer. They will put together the legal brief for you, demonstrating why you are appealing and what went wrong in the original hearing. Your costs will include your child custody lawyer’s fees, as well as fees for filing, collecting the original transcripts, trial transcripts, and record assembly.

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